"Dear Klara and Robert,  

What can I say? The pictures take my breath away! You have captured timless memories for all of us. Your creativity and artistry are truly the best I've seen. Also, the seamless way you work in concert creates a joyful atmosphere for everyone! You exude grace and warmth. 

You put us at ease, made us happy, comfortable and confident that the day would be captured in the most precious way imaginable.  

Thank you for making this a day we will all treasure forever.  

Warm Regards, 

Kim and Bob" 



"Hi Robert and Klara, 

Thank you so much. This is indeed a work of art that will be shared and handed down through generations. You have immortalized the day! Your work is amazing.  

To life! 




"Robert and Klara! 

Shane and I are completely floored by you. You two never cease to amaze me. Thank you, thank you!!! 

Leslie and Shane" 



"Hi Robert and Klara, 

The pictures are breathtaking! Simply stunning. Thank you for all of the hard work you and Klara put into making each of these a masterpiece.  

Thank you, 

Priscilla and Nick"